Dentist From Bakersfield Ca Shared Reviews And Testimonials

Bakersfield Ca dentist uses cutting edge laser dentistry. Only local area dentist uses a new dental laser that provides ‘No Shot, No Drill, No Numb Lip’ dentistry, just returned from a worldwide dental laser conference held in San Diego, CA. The conference is held by the World Clinical Laser Institute and featured speakers from all over the world. The symposium focused on the latest in dental laser technologies and cutting edge dental procedure.

“It is important to stay at the very front of the latest techniques, tools, and capabilities available in dentistry,: said Dr. Atoui, a certified world laser clinical institute dentist.

“No Shot, No Drill” dentistry is made possible by the Waterlase, a dental laser that is, according to dentists at the conference, “the best thing to happen to dentistry in 100 years.”

The Waterlase uses a patented compibation of air, water, and laser energy to remove cavities, perform root canals, and many soft tissue procedures – without discomfort in many cases.

Revieving top dentists in your area

We are proud to be the FIRST and ONLY dental practice in Bakersfield to offer Waterlase laser patented technology. Making your long term dental health our first priority, we work to understand your wants and needs. We strive to provide you with the best care using the best technology available. All that, in a gentle and welcoming atmosphere.

We accept most dental insurances, and several dental discount plans. Also, we offer special financing programs.

There are few of our testimonials and reviews on of the best dental office in Bacersfield Ca.

Testimonials ” I really like the fresh look of the office and the friendly atmosphere. I don’t feel like I am at the dentist, but at a SPA instead. I tell all my friends about this place.” — Jim H.

“10 minutes for the whole cavity procedure.  No anesthesia was used. I felt nothing at all. I was delighted. I’m looking forward to my next cavity. I actually want to go to the
dentist again.” — Jerry Deutscher.

“I scheduled an appointment for the Zoom before my wedding. Everyone loved my smile and the pictures looked awesome!”
Sharon A. — Patient.

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