Top Dentist In Philadelphia General Dentistry and laser technology

Offering the most advanced technology for dentistry in Philadelphia, we provide you and your family the best dental care available featuring


Preventive care & education to help maintain healthy teeth for life.
Laser Dentistry: dozens of procedures with: No Shots . No Drill . No Pain
Intra-oral camera & Ultrasonic cleaning.
Oral Surgery & Root Canals.
Bridges, Dentures & Crowns.
Periodontal (gum disease) therapy.
Cosmetic dentistry, Veneers & Bonding.
Nitrous Oxide analgesia.
Bad breath treatment.
Children dentistry starting at 2 years old.
Cold & canker sores treatment.

We want to share how important for us is to be number one dentistry in Philly

See “non-drilling” at work and how dental procedure done in Philly.

FDA Aproved
The Waterlase™ is as safe as other medical devices. With it’s 2 mm active range from the tip, the laser provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the chance of causing damage to healthy tissues.

In-office ZOOM™ Whitening As seen on TV show ‘Extreme Make-overs’.
And much more…

You can always expect gentle, genuine care!
Laser Technology

NO NEEDLE, NO NUMB LIP, NO PAIN! In may cases NO DRILL! Also, we offer quick and convenient, non-surgical procedures.

The laser be used for: More about Laser Dentistry Can Be found Here

Decay Removal
•Cavity Preparation
Complete Root Canal procedures
•Bone procedures
•Reshaping “gummy” smiles
General soft tissue procedures
•General dentistry for enamel and dentin
Substitute for needle anesthesia & Avoid being “numbed”
Sores treatment
Non-surgical frenectomy
Non-surgical gum disease treatment
Many other dental procedures.


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